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    Servers for data intensive applications
  • Cost of upgrade bringing you down?

    One Intensivate "compute-cluster-in-a-box" is equivalent to 120 servers
  • Too much data to fit in memory?

    Our storage intensive box improves speed by 20x over SSD


Intensivate's servers are based on a fundamentally new type of processor that runs the same code as existing processors, but at 25 times less power, and 7 times less cost for the same performance on cluster based applications.
Intensivate's complementary products for Compute Intensive applications

Dense compute server: for analysis tasks that extract value from data such as Generic Machine Learning, or for high performance computing, without the coding issues of GPUs.

One Intensivate compute-cluster-in-a-box contains 96 internal servers in an ultra-dense arrangement. Each boots standard Linux and runs the same application code as other servers. Yet it costs 83% less and consumes 96% less electricity for the same computation.

Dense storage server: for computation on data that doesn't fit in memory.

Intensivate's dense storage server product increases speed by 20 times on applications for which the data is just too large to fit in memory, making the disk IO speed the limiter on reaching an answer.

All products run standard, existing application code, out of the box.



Intensivate was founded in November 2016 to deliver superior server solutions for compute intensive and data intensive applications.
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